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What Our Customers Think

“Love it. Works exactly as it should. Cleans up area and organizes it as well.”

- James Bullard

5 stars

"I bought enough for an 8' by 16' gear wall in my garage. Looks great. Installation is straightforward. I now have more steel in my wall than I do in my concrete floor.”

- Tyler H.

5 stars

“Gladiator garage wall is the best, strongest garage organizer ever. I did full 3 walls of my 24’X32’ garage. I hung 5 Wall cabinets and lots of organizer hooks and shelves”

- Christopher

5 stars

“By far the best wall system available currently. The wall slats are strong and the available holders, attachments, and accessories seem to be a great match for my shop needs. I will most likely be expanding the slat wall to accommodate more slats for more tools in the very near future.”

- BigSki65 | Philadelphia, PA

5 stars



Organize your garage and get gear off the ground with garage storage walls. Our Gladiator® Wall Systems let you create your own custom wall storage solutions to organize your garage. Choose from a variety of hooks, baskets, bins and more to keep your gear organized and within reach. Or start with GearTrack® Packs for an all-in-one kit that can be installed anywhere. No matter your wall storage needs, we have the storage and organization solutions for you.