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September 2023

7 Best Garage Refrigerators for Extra Storage

Family Handyman | September 2023

Garage refrigerators are a great way to add extra storage for large families, frequent party hosts or any household with a wide receiver who eats enough food to feed a small family. Also, they give your house some major cool points.

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Finally, a Storage Solution for All Your Gear and Sporting Goods. Meet the Gladiator Garage Flex Cabinet Systems

Men’s Journal | September 2023

Your summers are jam-packed with kayaking, biking, and surfing. Fall is high season for climbing and hiking. And winters are one giant powder fest spent skinning, snowboarding, and skiing. You live for outdoor adventures, but when all is said and done, your garage can look like a sporting goods store. We're not telling you to part ways with your equipment. We're just advising you to clean up your toys and invest in a smart storage system like the new Gladiator® Garage Flex Cabinet System.

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August 2023

6 Ways To Prepare Your Patio and Pool for a Hurricane

Reviewed | August 2023

As August carries on, the worst of the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, with 95% of the tropical storm activity for this year still to come. Before the season ends in November, it’s expected that 8 more hurricanes will form. Furthermore, the hurricanes that are to come may be particularly strong, as the unusually warm ocean temperatures we’ve been seeing this year could lead to more powerful storms than usual.

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The Best Upright Freezers To Increase Your Cold Storage Capacity

Forbes | August 2023

In the past, freezers were typically either bundled with refrigerators or sold separately as chest freezers primarily placed in garages or basements to store extra frozen items. However, today’s shoppers enjoy a broader range of choices, including upright freezers that closely resemble their refrigerator counterparts but are solely used to stash frozen foods.

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July 2023

28 Home Gym Ideas So Good You'll Actually Want to Work Out

House Beautiful | July 2023

Working out takes motivation, courage, and self-discipline, and it's hard to get yourself to the gym after a long day of work or if the weather is bad. That's why home gyms have become one of the most sought-after home features. Sometimes, though, having a gym downstairs still isn't enough to motivate you—but good design just might be.

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June 2023

The 10 Best Garage Shelving Units for Organizing Your Space

Popular Mechanics | June 2023

You can fill your garage with everything from freezers to wall cabinets, but the extra space isn’t much use if you can’t keep everything organized. For heavy duty storage, garage shelving remains the most effective choice. Dedicated garage shelving is strong enough to support power tools and heavy equipment, and rugged enough to stand up to longtime wear-and-tear.

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May 2023

The Best Bike Storage Racks For Your Home

HiConsumption | May 2023

After shopping for months and dropping some serious coin on the bike of your dreams, it is a true shot to the gut if you do not have an adequate stable to keep your steed its cleanest. While usually not at the front of mind when embarking on a life on two-wheels, finding the right indoor bicycle rack is fundamental to making sure your whip stays scratch free and out of the way.

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31 Garage Storage Ideas to Maximize and Organize the Space

Architectural Digest | May 2023

When garages become catchalls for everything from garden supplies to holiday decorations, what are the best garage storage ideas that’ll organize this most daunting of home spaces?

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April 2023

4 Tips to Help You Organize Your Shed or Garage

Wirecutter | April 2023

If you’ve ever tried to keep a garage, shed, basement, or storage unit in order, you probably know how quickly those spaces can spiral into utter chaos. Keeping the area organized is the best way to utilize your extra space—and the first step is decluttering.

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March 2023

New Gladiator Flex Garage Cabinet System

ToolGuyd | March 2023

Gladiator has announced a new Flex cabinet system, described as an all-in-one, versatile storage suite. The new Gladiator Flex garage cabinet system ship pre-assembled and are loaded with modern features.

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January 2023

9 Best Bike Storage Racks That Are Stylish and Save Space

House Beautiful | January 2023

Over the past few years, bikes have grown in popularity. At that same, the mode of transportation has got people pondering...where and how should they be stored?

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December 2022

26 clever holiday decoration storage ideas, according to organizing experts

CNN | November 2022

When the holiday season comes to a close, one dreaded chore still looms: putting away all that festive decor. Kate Pawlowski and Ann Lightfoot, professional organizers and the authors of “Love Your Home Again,” know that packing up and organizing the decorations at the end of the holiday season can be a real drag.

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November 2022

The 6 Best Garage Refrigerators of 2022

The Spruce | November 2022

Just when you thought absolutely no more frozen pizza boxes could be stuffed into your kitchen freezer, you remembered that you own a garage fridge! See, whether you have a large family or you love to entertain, one fridge might not provide enough storage space.

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Best Tools to Gift for the Dedicated DIYer

Men’s Journal | November 2022

There's a bevy of tools to gift to the dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Any handyman will be thrilled to receive these during the holidays.

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2022 Plugged In Golf Holiday Gift Guide

Plugged In Golf | November 2022

It may be difficult to believe, but it’s time once again for holiday gift giving. But don’t fret, PIG is here to help find that perfect present. Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is loaded with an amazing array of products and services. Have fun exploring and thanks for visiting.

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Gladiator's Smart Storage Solutions Are a Dream for Garage Gear Hoarders

Men’s Journal | November 2022

Trying to organize your garage? Gladiator has an endless array of storage systems to keep everything in its place.

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September 2022

Get the Garage of Your Dreams with Gladiator

Gear Patrol | September 2022

For Gear Heads like us, the garage can easily become a dumping ground for all your gadgets. But, with Gladiator storage and organization products, you can change that.

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Best Garage Shelving for 2022

CNET Roadshow | September 2022

A garage can be a sanctuary -- if everything is neatly stored. Whether you use your garage as an auto workshop, a gym or even just a storage space, you want to make sure that your odds and ends are in place and easily accessible. If they're not, then your garage is more likely to be a headache than a productive, calm space.

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August 2022

14 Products to Maximize Your Overhead Garage Storage

Madi Koetting | August 2022

Don't let the space above your head go to waste! Here are the best products to maximize your overhead garage storage space.

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8 Garage Bike Storage Products to Organize Your Space

Nikhita Mahtani | August 2022

If you've recently discovered the joy of owning a bicycle, you've probably also discovered how frustrating it can be to store. Even if you have a garage in which to keep your bike safe, finding the best garage bike storage option brings up issues of wall space, durability and cost. It's tempting to simply lean your bike against a wall, but that can cause scuff marks and crowd your garage space.

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The Best Garage Wall Cabinets for Storage and Organization

Alex Rennie | August 2022

If you're moving into a new garage—or planning an overhaul on the one you have—wall-mounted cabinets can be a great addition to your space. These handy, wall-mounted units are a great way to provide garage storage without taking up any valuable floorspace, and make it easy to keep your tools and gear organized. You'll need to mount them yourself, but this process is easier than you probably think, and many options even come with everything you need to get the job done.

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June 2022

From Cluttered to Clean: 9 Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed

Chibuzo Ezeokeke | June 2022

Cleaning your garage can be a daunting task. When your garage is an endless sea of dust, junk, and other items you may or may not need, it's difficult to know where to start. With a little guidance, you can ensure your garage cleaning process is a little more bearable. Whether you live in Sacramento or are renting a home in Orlando, here are some garage cleaning tips to help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

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MAY 2022

Garage Storage Ideas You Can DIY

Andrew Zoellner | MAY 2022

Organizing a garage isn't a one-size-fits-all project, so we've compiled some of our best garage storage ideas. Check out these tips to find ways to make your garage more organized and better to use.

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APRIL 2022

The Ultimate Active Outdoor Gift Guide

David Wallach | APRIL 2022

As you get ready to get out and get going, we wanted to share some of the most interesting innovations we found to take your outdoor experience to the next level.

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4 Tips to Help You Organize Your Shed or Garage

Elissa Sanci | APRIL 2022

Your garage or shed has the potential to be an organized, functional masterpiece. Here's how to do it.

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Five home projects for your five days of quarantine

Jura Koncius | JANUARY 2022

As omicron rages and more people find themselves quarantining, these ideas from lifestyle pros will help you pass the time while you are stuck at home.

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31 Things From Lowes That'll Organize Your Whole Home, Top To Bottom

Courtney Leiva | NOVEMBER 2021

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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5 Best Freezers of 2021

Alex Rennie | OCTOBER 2021

If you have the space and the budget, buying a standalone freezer can be a great investment. Whether you have a large family who wants to stock up on regular food items; aren't satisfied with your refrigerator's freezer section; or just want to be prepared in the event of an emergency, there are a variety of freezers to choose from.

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The Best Garage Refrigerators of 2021

Tony Carrick | OCTOBER 2021

Bring extra food and drink storage to the garage or workshop with garage-ready refrigerators that protect their contents even in extreme temperatures.

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JUNE 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide | 2021

Carla Snuggs | JUNE 2021

A roundup of the best gifts for Father's Day

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MAY 2021

Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide [2021 Review]

Joe Miragliotta | MAY 2021

This Father's Day Gift Guide is the ultimate guide for all things your dad would ever want. From gear and gadgets to food, drink, home, and more!

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The 50 Best Storage Containers to Get Your House in Order

Family Handyman | JANUARY 2020

Cut clutter in your home once and for all! We’ve compiled a list of the best storage containers for those problem areas that never seem to stay organized.

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7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Garage Renovation

U.S. News & World Report | JANUARY 2020

A garage renovation can add value to your home – here's what you should keep in mind before starting the project.

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Garage storage brand rolls out overhead rack

Grand Rapids Business Journal | DECEMBER 2019

Gladiator rolled out the ceiling-mounted Overhead GearLoft™ Storage rack, designed to allow homeowners to get items off the garage floor and above the vehicle parking space.

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25 Super Creative Christmas Gifts for 2019

Bestlife | DECEMBER 2019

The Gladiator® GearTrack® Pack is a perfectly unique gift that does so much more than store their bicycles.

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8 Great Bike Storage Ideas for Stashing Your Wheels This Winter

Realtor | DECEMBER 2019

For help with bike management in your home, here are eight ways to store your ride when the weather's no good for cruising.

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Organizing With Gladiator Garage Works

Forbes | NOVEMBER 2019

The really cool and useful thing about Gladiator is that they’ve designed a simple modular system that a homeowner with basic skills can install and customize for their particular garage or workshop needs.

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5 Google Shopping Deals DIYers Should Take Advantage of On Black Friday

Family Handyman | NOVEMBER 2019

If you’ve been patiently waiting for items on your list to drop in price this holiday season, you’re in luck!

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The Best Gifts to Get Your Dad for His Garage

Gear Patrol | OCTOBER 2019

Why don’t you help your dad upgrade his preferred refuge with these helpful garage gift ideas?

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Gladiator Foldaway Work Station - Beefy & Easy to Assemble

Ask the Builder | OCTOBER 2019

There are countless things you can store on these heavy-duty metal shelves — not the least of which are indoor gardening supplies!

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JULY 2019

The Ups and Downs of Having a Home Garage

The Wall Street Journal | JULY 2019

The garage is like the coleslaw at a backyard barbecue. It’s nice to have, but easy to overlook.

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JUNE 2019

2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Plugged in Golf | JUNE 2019

Dads are notorious for saying they don’t need anything when asked, but there’s plenty they’d like – trust us.

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When a Gladiator® Guards Clubs

The A Position | JUNE 2019

The following is primarily about a nifty product called the Gladiator® Golf Caddy, a shelving system that’s typically installed in a garage and has room for two oversized golf bags and a shelf for at least two pairs of golf shoes and several boxes of golf balls.

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MAY 2019

Gladiator Mobile Workstation

Ask the Builder | MAY 2019

Here's the Gladiator Mobile workstation assembled and doing its first job supporting heavy sacks of potting soil.

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October 2018

When it comes to garages, buyers want space for at least two cars

Builder Consumer Trends | October 2018

Whether for vehicles or storage, attached garages remain an essential part of the American home.

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August 2018

Declutter your garage with these 12 organization-savvy products

Northern Virginia Magazine | August 2018

Clean up like a pro with these tidy space-savers.

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June 2018

11 Garage Bike Storage Ideas

DIY Network | June 2018

Give all your vehicles — including those with two tires — a proper place to live in your garage. These bike storage solutions offer something for everyone from avid cyclist to hobbyist.

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May 2018

How to Organize Your Garage

FamilyCircle | May 2018

You know something’s gotta give when the clutter trumps the car. Take your parking space—and your sanity—back with these organization products and DIY ideas.

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April 2018

The Gladiator Bike GearTrack Pack Makes Bike Storage Simple

Singletracks | April 2018

The Gladiator Bike GearTrack Pack from Whirlpool is a storage system designed to hold bikes and other gear by capitalizing on empty wall space. The channel system, shown above, holds up to 75lbs per linear foot when properly installed, and the standard GearTrack pack channel is 4 feet long. That’s a total capacity of 300lbs, which is more than enough for a few measly bikes.

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March 2018

Gladiator’s New Refrigerator Can Store All Your Hibernation Food

Digital Trends | March 2018

Now that winter has officially come to a close, you can’t just store all of your frozen goods out on your front porch and trust that mother nature will keep them nicely chilled. But don’t worry, Gladiator is here to help. The company has debuted two new appliances that can help you store all the bulky food, beverages, and ingredients you need to last you through next winter. Meet the new Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator, both of which promise to be the “perfect appliances for those looking to store excess food and beverages with ease.”

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Gladiator 7-Drawer Tool Cabinet Named Finalist in 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Hannah Marshall | SEPTEMBER 2022

This week Gladiator® was recognized as a Finalist in the Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA) Storage-Rolling Chests and Cabinets category for the Premier 7-Drawer Modular Tool Storage Cabinet. Awarding the most innovative construction and outdoor power equipment industry products, the 10th annual PTI Awards shined a spotlight on the latest innovations from some of the world’s top manufacturers. The award submissions were evaluated by a diverse team of judges including contractors, construction business owners, tradesmen and media professionals.

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Gladiator Beverage Cooler Receives 2022 TWICE VIP Award

Hannah Marshall | AUGUST 2022

Gladiator®, a leader in customizable garage and household organization solutions, today announces they have received the 2022 TWICE VIP Award for its sleek and durable Beverage Cooler. The garage-ready Beverage Cooler earned this top honor in the competitive Home Appliances: Compact Refrigeration category, which was one of the 46 categories spotlighted as part of the ninth-annual TWICE VIP Awards.

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Gladiator brand brings style and versatility to the garage with launch of new 7 drawer tool storage cabinet in three colors

Derek Serafin | OCTOBER 2021

Finding a high-quality place to store hand tools that is durable, secure, and versatile but also eye-catching can be a challenge. Which is why Gladiator brand, a leader in versatile garage and household organization solutions, has debuted its new Premier Pre-Assembled 7 Drawer Modular Tool Storage Cabinet, which is designed to provide a heavy duty storage solution that will accommodate garages or workshops.

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December 2017

19 Ways to Get (and Stay) Organized in 2018

PopSugar | December 2017

The Gladiator Garage Works Mobile Workstation ($300) combines the strength of hardwood and heavy-duty steel with the ability to create a work station wherever you need it to be. It will help keep your backyard parties running smoothly and can also be used in your garage or home office to create an additional (and always necessary) hard surface.

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Gladiator GarageWorks Bike GearTrack Makes Quick Work of Bike Storage

Bike Rumor — Tyler Benedict | December 2017

Unless you’ve got a 50+ pound DH bike sitting around, there may be no quicker way to hang your bike from the wall than the Gladiator Bike GearTrack mount. Using a push to close/push to open claw system, it grabs your bike’s wheel in one fluid motion, then releases it just as smoothly.

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November 2017

Millennials Would Give Up Sex, Coffee for Hobbies, Study Says

Newsmax | November 2017

American millennials would be willing to give up sex and coffee for a month to pursue their hobbies, according to a new study.

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Top Gifts For Your Guy This Christmas

A Mom's Take | November 2017

Sometimes the men in your life can be the hardest ones to shop for! I’m always on the hunt for a gift that will not get returned after Christmas, or sit on a shelf untouched for the year. We’ve put together some of the great gifts that have been a bit hit with the men in our lives. Hopefully you’ll find something for the men in yours!

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MAT Release

Brandpoint | November 2017

Americans would love more time to pursue hobbies they’re passionate about, and time-drains like disorganized garages are a big obstacle to doing the activities they enjoy, according to a new survey conducted by Gladiator and Kelton Global.

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October 2017

For Gladiator, Storage Is For Making Passions Accessible

Media Post | October 2017

Advertising for storage equipment tends to favor the functional over the emotional, looking to make an unenviable task easier rather than looking at what the task really accomplishes.

Gladiator, a household organization brand owned by Whirlpool, has decided it’s time to take the latter tack. The brand is launching a new campaign exhorting consumers to “Reach for more,” positioning home organization as a way to enable hobbies and passions.

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Gear Organization 101

Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine | October 2017

Is your gear closet overflowing? Have you considered giving up an activity purely so you won’t need the gear? Do your friends/family say you have a gear organization problem? If you’re answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably a gearaholic.

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The Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Medium | October 2017

Regardless of where you live, winter is a time when things slow down. We stay indoors, bundle up with loved ones, and reflect on the times and experiences that got us here. It’s the holiday season, and giving gifts to others is a traditional way of showing how much you care. Picking the perfect gift for someone can be a pain, especially with so much changing around us so fast.

Survey Press Release

PR Newswire | October 2017

When it comes to areas of the home that strike fear in those seeking organization, more than half of Americans surveyed shudder at the clutter that lurks in their garage. This startling fact is just one of many findings uncovered from a recent study conducted on behalf of Gladiator® by Kelton Global*.

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GearTrack Pack Press Release

PR Newswire | October 2017

n a recent survey conducted on behalf of Gladiator 40 percent of Americans surveyed reported time as one of the biggest obstacles in pursuing the activities they love. From professional jobs to taking care of family, it's oftentimes that favorite hobbies or activities take the back burner. Gladiator recognized an opportunity to help people easily get organized and have their gear ready so they can hit the trails, golf course or whatever fills their passion. The solution: new GearTrack® Packs to organize gear and equipment for activities like biking, sports or golf.

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August 2017

Corral Your Supplies

Storage Solutions Magazine | August 2017

The right containers make the most of your space, leaving you more time to delight in the joys of outdoor living.

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June 2017

The Small Spaces Issue

House Beautiful | June 2017

House Beautiful featured a quote from our Brand Manager, Allison Gillespie, highlighting our Mobile Workstation — as it "can live indoors or outdoors, making it great for gardening or as an extra surface in the kichen or laundry room."

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Father’s Day 2017 Ultimate Gifts | June 2017

It’s around that time of year when you really want to honor the special men in your life — fathers. Sure, you could go out and grab a quick, mundane, same-as-all-the-rest Father’s Day card, but you know that the father you want to honor deserves a bit more. We’ve searched high and low to feature some of our Ultimate Father’s Day gifts for your special dad. Whether he’s the father of your children, your father, or a special father you are blessed to know, consider giving him something beyond the status quo of the redundancies of Father’s Day cards.

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Gladiator ® New EZ Connect Rack Shelving Line: The Catch-All Organizers

PR Newswire | June 2017

Rack shelving may be the most practical storage solution out there, with uses from the garage to the basement to the pantry. Significant enhancements to this classic storage option were recently made by Gladiator ® with its new EZ Connect Racks. Thanks to this innovative new line, their rack shelving has never before been so easy to assemble and is perfect to help enable your passions, whether it be camping, football or gardening.

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Storage brand rolls out shelving line

Grand Rapids Business Journal | June 2017

Gladiator, a brand of Benton Harbor-based Whirlpool Corporation, said this month it released its EZ Connect Racks, a line of shelving racks designed to be easily assembled and installed anywhere storage shelves are needed.

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Organization — In its place — create an organized, clutter-free home

Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine | June 2017

Straighten up your garage with these gadgets. Whether your garage is a haven for household supplies, the center for all things sports, or just a catchall, these organization tools will transform it. Utilize walls to open up floor space while creating an organization system that is easy to manage.

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Garage Organization with Gladiator

Centered By Design | June 2017

We moved into the house last spring and focused right away on the kitchen and downstairs renovation. This left little time for any outdoor work, so this spring we are excited to get a couple outdoor projects going! The first project is our mini-makeover for the garage with Gladiator. When I found out Gladiator was looking for people to work with on garage organization, I jumped at the chance knowing Luke would LOVE a new workbench and extra storage for tools in the garage. When we first moved-in he created some basic shelving out of some 2×4 lumbar, but as you can see from the before pictures it wasn’t exactly doing enough for us in the organization department.

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The Perfect Gift for Dads and Grads

June 2017

Whether it’s to celebrate a graduation or it’s a surprise for Father’s Day, the best-selling Gladiator GearTrack ® Pack is a must-have for any dad or grad.

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Case of garage envy prompts hang-ups

Orlando Sentinel | June 2017

The more you can make use of your garage walls for storage, the more room you have to park. If you can’t park any car inside your garage, congratulations, you have joined the ranks of one in four Americans, according to Gladiator. It’s high time to crack down.

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At Home with Marni Jameson: Stop parking the clutter in the garage

Herald & Review | June 2017

The more you can make use of your garage walls for storage, the more room you have to park. If you can’t park any car inside your garage, congratulations, you have joined the ranks of one in four Americans, according to Gladiator. It’s high time to crack down.

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Case of garage envy prompts hang-ups

Sun-Sentinel | June 2017

The more you can make use of your garage walls for storage, the more room you have to park. If you can’t park any car inside your garage, congratulations, you have joined the ranks of one in four Americans, according to Gladiator. It’s high time to crack down.

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Marni Jameson: Case of garage envy prompts hang-ups | June 2017

The more you can make use of your garage walls for storage, the more room you have to park. If you can’t park any car inside your garage, congratulations, you have joined the ranks of one in four Americans, according to Gladiator. It’s high time to crack down.

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May 2017

Gladiator Mobile Workstation Tool Review | May 2017

Tim Carter reviews the Gladiator Mobile Workstation.

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Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2017

Woodworking Network | May 2017

You like Dad, Dad likes his shop. You can't go wrong with these gifts for Father’s Day.

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March 2017

Ethan’s Tool Of The Week — Gladiator’s Premier Series Modular Gear Drawer

Woodworking Network | March 2017

Ethan Abramson reviews the Gladiator Premier Series Modular GearDrawer for his first installment of his new series “Ethan’s Tool of the Week.”

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January 2017

Indoor Storage: Space Savers — Closet & Garage Systems that Manage It All

Consumers Digest | January 2017

Lower or flat prices on kits and accessories for indoor-storage systems are good. What’s even better: More storage options exist than ever before, so consumers can get even the most difficult items out of the way.

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A Garage Necessity — Gladiator To The Rescue!

Cedar & Rush | January 2017

When’s the last time you organized your garage, basement or closets? Even though your guests don’t see them, you’ll feel like a new woman when they’re all in order!

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September 2016

Gladiator ® Unveils New Decluttering Storage Solutions to Help Beautify (and Simplify) Problem Rooms

PR Newswire | September 2016

Gladiator ®, a leader in garage and household organization and storage systems, has released four new products aimed at helping consumers reinvent the most cluttered and underused spaces in their home.

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A Life Makeover Starts With The Garage

TheItMom | September 2016

The It Mom tells her side of the story after their inspirational visit with Al Roker, finding new levels of productivity thanks to the help of Gladiator products in their garage.

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A Dad’s Guide To Organizing Life, Starting With The Garage

TheItDad | September 2016

Inspiration strikes when The It Dad gets an opportunity to visit Al Roker’s garage. Reorganizing his own garage with the help of Gladiator products allows room for hobbies, tools and storage.

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August 2016

What’s Behind the Garage Door?

Wall Street Journal | August 2016

Garages can hold the lawn mower, sports equipment, old paint cans and…a host of bad feelings.

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The Weirdest Trend: Garage Makeovers

Yahoo! Finance | August 2016

Working in the garage has for many years been seen as a manly activity, something that Dad would do in the summer, whether it was tuning up the car or installing new shelving. But now with the boom of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, more women are getting involved with garage purchases and design.

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The Weirdest Trend: Garage Makeovers

FOX Business | August 2016

Working in the garage has for many years been seen as a manly activity, something that Dad would do in the summer, whether it was tuning up the car or installing new shelving. But now with the boom of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, more women are getting involved with garage purchases and design.

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Product Profile: the Absorber, GearBox, Heat Reduction Hood, and More!

Truck Trends | August 2016

Profiling the Gladiator Gearbox and its safe storage of automotive chemicals, detailing equipment, tools, and other products commonly seen in any workshop.

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June 2016

Garage Cabinet Collections Reflect Homeowner Life Stages

Woodworking Network / Closets Magazine | June 2016

The versatility of Gladiator brand products allow a consumer to scale up or down or repurpose items as needed, offering a system that can transform with the consumer through every life phase.

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The Essentials of Planning the Perfect Man Cave

San Diego Union Tribune | June 2016

Garages have long been go-to areas for man caves and are continuing to grow in popularity.

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Slay Your Storage Issues with Gladiator GearDrawer and Locker

Home Fixated | June 2016

If you struggle with organizing your shop or garage and all the “toolicious” goodness that goes into it, read on for our review of a stylish way to get a handle on the chaos.

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2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Golf Digest | June 2016

Looking for something more than just a tie to give to dad this year? From tech to luggage to fitness gear, check out our selection of golf (and non-golf) items that will show him how much you care.

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February 2015

Great Spaces for Great Cars: Auto Show Season is the Time to Evaluate New Cars and Garage Upgrades

Chicago, IL | 02.12.2015

As the auto show season is underway, the world’s top auto manufacturers are showcasing the latest products for consumers to consider, but what about great places to store those new vehicles?

January 2015

New Survey Finds 2 Out of 3 Sports Fans Exhibit Team Pride With Sports Memorabilia in Their Home

Las Vegas, NV | 01.21.2015

Heading into the biggest sports event this year, a recent survey of sports fans by Gladiator ® has uncovered some super stats about how fans showcase their team pride.

Collegiate Licensed Lockers, Stainless Steel Chillerator ® Refrigerator, Additional Color Pallets Among Several Gladiator ® Products Showcased at 2015 International Builders’ Show

Las Vegas, NV | 01.20.2015

Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization and storage systems, is kicking off 2015 by showcasing products that fit every lifestyle, including outdoor, automotive and sports enthusiasts.

October 2014

New PrimeTime™ Lockers by Gladiator ® Feature Top Colleges; Fans Encouraged to Unlock Their School Pride with Photo Contest

Chicago, IL | 10.16.2014

For thousands of passionate sports fans, getting their own school locker would be a dream come true. Those dreams have now become reality as Gladiator ®, a leader in garage and household organization and storage systems, has unveiled PrimeTime™ Lockers. This collection of collegiately licensed lockers includes several colleges including Michigan State University, Notre Dame, Alabama and others.

March 2014

March Messiness? Gladiator, Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo Launch Head-to-Head Competition to Find America’s Messiest Garages

Benton Harbor, MI | 03.19.2014

For homeowners with messy garages, this bracket competition might be right up their alley. Gladiator, the leader in garage and household organization and storage systems, announced its “Gladiator Garage vs. Garage” contest today.

February 2014

Sport Lockers, Stainless Steel Chillerator, Additional Color Pallets Among Several New Gladiator Brand Products Unveiled at 2014 International Builders’ Show

Las Vegas, NV | 02.05.2014

Gladiator Brand GarageWorks,the leader in garage and household organization and storage systems, is kicking off 2014 by unveiling significant new products and designs, including sport lockers, new cabinet lighting, and heavy duty storage options for outdoorsmen.

New Survey Reveals How Garage and Laundry Room Organization Can Impact Home Values, Perceptions

Las Vegas, NV | 02.05.2014

The cluttered garage or laundry room might not just be unsightly, it likely will affect the home’s value, according to a recent survey from Gladiator Brand GarageWorks.

June 2013

New 77-inch Gladiator ® Garage Rack Shelving Combines High 8,000-lb Capacity and Tool-Free Assembly

Benton Harbor, MI | 06.27.2013

Setting new standards for the category, the new heavy-duty 77-inch Gladiator ® Tool-Free Rack Shelving uses a patented tie-bar design to offer tool-free assembly without sacrificing high load capacity.

August 2012

Gladiator Brand Showcased in Sunset Magazine’s 2012 Idea House

Menlo Park, CA | 08.06.2012

In the heart of the beautiful Sonoma County wine country, design enthusiasts, homeowners and consumers can view the latest trends for the home, including Gladiator ® products in the iconic Breezehouse presented by Sunset magazine.

June 2012

Gladiator ® Puts a Spotlight on Organization at Sunset Celebration Weekend

Benton Harbor, MI | 06.01.2012

Looking to conquer new territory for organization, Gladiator brand is taking its products and expertise out West for the 15th Annual Sunset Celebration Weekend.

May 2012

Gladiator ® Brand Reveals New Products, Appliances and Concept Models at National Hardware Show

Las Vegas, NV | 05.01.2012

Continuing its mission to help consumers get organized in style, Gladiator ® brand today revealed new products and concepts to help both the do-it-yourself and do-it-for-me customer at the 2012 National Hardware Show.

April 2012

Gladiator ® Puts Home Organization Within Reach for National Garage Organization Month

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.02.2012

Gladiator ® , the leader in garage organization, is inspiring spontaneous bouts of spring cleaning by showing off its chic and versatile new Storage Bench in time for the seventh annual National Garage Organization Month™.

January 2012

Gladiator ® Delivers New Innovative Home Storage Solutions at 2012 Indianapolis Home Show

Benton Harbor, MI | 01.20.2012

Whether throughout the home or in the garage, clutter is on the rise and continues to be the leading cause of wasted space among many family households.

October 2011

Gladiator ® Launches Interactive Design Tool to Organize the Home

Benton Harbor, MI | 10.06.2011

Many homeowners want to get organized, but have trouble visualizing and designing. Approaching organization and design from a user-friendly perspective, Gladiator ® unveils today an interactive tool allowing consumers to experiment with creative storage solutions for their garage while delivering professional results.

August 2011

Score a Touchdown and Get Organized for National Garage Sale Day

Benton Harbor, MI | 08.13.2011

Garage Sales are a national pastime with more than sixty million people shopping at them annually.* This year, National Garage Sale Day, on August 13, 2011, offers savvy bargain-hunters and neighborhoods nationwide an opportunity to capitalize on these impressive numbers.

July 2011

Gladiator ® to Help Indianapolis Sports Families Get in the Zone

Indianapolis, IN | 07.25.2011

As many active families know, their favorite sports can require a lot of equipment — from balls and bats, to bikes and helmets.

April 2011

Gladiator ® Declares a Takeover in Celebration of Sixth Annual National Garage Organization Month

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.04.2011

For a temporary fix, do a makeover, but for a cluttered, disorganized garage, a homeowner needs a takeover.

Indianapolis: Prepare for a Takeover

Indianapolis, IN | 04.01.2011

Clutter doesn’t discriminate. Organizational chaos can live on a desk or in a house or in a car, however it really thrives in a garage.

January 2011

Gladiator ® Helps Contest Winner Ensure Only Thing on the Floor are Their Wheels

Benton Harbor, MI | 01.31.2011

All too often, the garage can become the dumping grounds for household leftovers — holiday decorations, sports equipment, even scrap metal — making the garage more of a makeshift storage unit rather than a productive environment for hobbies, repairs and overall home organization.

Gladiator ® Kicks-Off Yearlong Indianapolis “Takeover” Campaign

Benton Harbor, MI | 01.28.2011

For the first time, Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization, will showcase its line-up of storage and organization products at the 2011 Indianapolis Home Show being held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Jan. 28, 2011 — Feb. 6, 2011.

September 2010

Gladiator ® Turns on the Ignition for the “Put Your Garage in Overdrive” Contest

Benton Harbor, MI | 09.01.2010

No one doubts the king of the “garage castle” is the automobile, but as clutter mounts, people might be spending more time looking for their tools than having the chance to work on their prized possession.

August 2010

Orange County Choppers’ Paul Teutul Sr. Rides into Woodward Dream Cruise with Gladiator ®

Benton Harbor, MI | 08.18.2010

Motor enthusiasts from around the globe convening in Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise will meet their match — Paul Teutul Sr., founder of Orange County Choppers — courtesy of event sponsor Gladiator ®.

Gladiator ® Encourages Consumers to Clear the Clutter

Benton Harbor, MI | 08.06.2010

Once a year our driveways and front yards become shopping centers for hidden treasures and the ultimate bargains. This year’s annual ritual of cleaning out and clearing the clutter from one’s home and garage — known as National Garage Sale Day — will be held on August 14, 2010.

July 2010

Gladiator ® Encourages Consumers to Go Green and Save During the Annual Green Your Garage Sale

Benton Harbor, MI | 07.19.2010

Going green doesn’t have to mean spending green.

May 2010

Gladiator ® and Family Handyman Kick-Off the ‘Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Tool’ Sweepstakes

Benton Harbor, MI | 05.27.2010

Your tools are an extension of yourself and deserve the right shelter and protection throughout their life time.

Gladiator ® Makes a Pit Stop at A.J. Foyt Racing’s Garage for Indy 500

Benton Harbor, MI | 05.27.2010

Behind every winning team is a winning system. For the second consecutive year, Gladiator ® will be making a pit stop at the A.J. Foyt Racing Garage for the Indianapolis 500 ® Race at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Gladiator ® Debuts Bamboo Workbench at National Hardware Show 2010

Benton Harbor, MI | 05.04.2010

Durability and Gladiator ® go hand-in-hand, and now, so does nature’s hardest material — bamboo.

April 2010

Paul Teutul Sr. From Orange County Choppers to Appear in Gladiator ® Booth During National Hardware Show

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.28.2010

Revving up National Hardware Show this year is Gladiator ® with its new custom built Orange County Chopper motorcycle in booth number 6917.

Gladiator Looks at Organization Success Celebrating Fifth Year Anniversary of National Garage Organization Month

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.21.2010

In commemorating the fifth annual National Garage Organization Month™, Gladiator ® is taking a look back at success stories from the past five years to showcase how garage makeovers can transform lives.

Fling Into Spring By Reclaiming Space and Protecting Valuables During National Garage Organization Month™

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.01.2010

Are you one of the nearly seven out of 10 people who will clean and organize their home this spring?*

February 2010

Gladiator ® Featured on DIY Network’s House Crashers

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.24.2010

DIY Network’s House Crashers featured the garage overhaul of personal trainer and fitness guru Ben Forbes. His garage transformed from a bland space to a tricked out gym.

January 2010

Gladiator ® Transforms the Garage at 2010 INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS’ SHOW

Las Vegas, NV | 01.19.2010

As lifestyles change, so should your garage. At this year’s International Builders’ Show (IBS), Gladiator ® will show consumers how to customize garage organization to fit lifestyle needs whether you are a first-time homeowner, part of a growing family or an empty nester.

New Gladiator ® Brand Bike to be Featured on January 21st Episode of American Choppers

Las Vegas, NV | 01.18.2010

Get your motors running and head into the garage. Looking for adventure, Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization, commissioned Orange County Choppers to build a Gladiator brand themed bike.

Gladiator ® Identifies Grand Prize Winner in Finale of “Unveil Your Garage” Consumer Sweepstakes

Benton Harbor, MI | 01.11.2010

Garage organization is like life, it evolves. Gladiator ® recently completed its “Unveil You Garage” consumer sweepstakes that highlighted the various stages and challenges of garage organization during different life phases.

November 2009

Gladiator Claw™ Advanced Bike Storage Device Receives 2009 Innovation Award From Handy Magazine

Benton Harbor, MI | 11.23.2009

Gladiator ® , the leader in garage organization, has received a 2009 Innovation Award from HANDY Magazine for its Gladiator Claw™ Advanced Bike Storage device.

October 2009

Gladiator ® Ups The Ante For Alternative Users With The "Unveil Your Garage" Consumer Sweepstakes

Benton Harbor, MI | 10.27.2009

A garage is a garage, except when it isn’t. Whether it’s applying a trade or making room for a home office, consumers are using the garage for much more than a place to store things and park their vehicles.

September 2009

Gladiator ® helps Empty Nesters organize with "UNVEIL YOUR GARAGE" consumer sweepstakes

Benton Harbor, MI | 09.09.2009

As children leave home for college, careers or to start new families of their own, parents are left to organize their newly empty nest.

August 2009

Tammy Davis Wins Gladiator ® Classic Tool Chest at 15th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise

Benton Harbor, MI | 08.24.2009

Gladiator ®, a division of Whirlpool Corporation and leader in garage organization, recently participated in the 15th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event held in Detroit, Michigan.

July 2009

Gladiator ® Hosts "Green Your Garage" Sale To Help Consumers Save Money And The Environment

Benton Harbor, MI | 07.24.2009

To help consumers "green" the garage, Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization, is offering temporary savings on products that can help homeowners use less energy and shrink their carbon footprints.

Gladiator ® Encourages Growing Families To "Unveil Your Garage" And Enter Consumer SweepStakes

Benton Harbor, MI | 07.21.2009

When a family grows in size, so too does it’s organizational needs, often resulting in equipment, tools, toys, strollers, and other items being squeezed from the house into cluttered piles in the garage.

June 2009

Gladiator ® continues its “Unveil Your Garage” consumer sweepstakes for home buyers and sellers looking to discover hidden value and versatility

Benton Harbor, MI | 06.29.2009

Many homeowners and prospective homebuyers in the market know the garage has become a focal point to help up the resale value of the home and help generate buyer interest by influencing first impressions.

May 2009

Gladiator ® tunes up A.J. Foyt racing garage for Indy 500

Benton Harbor, MI | 05.06.2009

Before you start your engines, you must organize your garage.

Gladiator ® adds more value and versatility to the garage with new line of tool chests

Las Vegas, NV | 05.05.2009

At this year’s National Hardware Show, Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization, will demonstrate how to maximize garage value with innovative, versatile products.

April 2009

Gladiator ® challenges consumers to "Unveil the Garage" with six month sweepstakes

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.13.2009

No matter where consumers are in life, clutter and junk continue to stand between them and a garage they can be proud of.

National Garage Organization Month™ showcases the value and versatility of the American garage

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.01.2009

The month of April and dawning of spring brings a renewed passion for getting organized.

February 2009

Gladiator ® Primes 2009 Sweepstakes with Funny NYC “Top Ten” List Featured in Times Square

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.24.2009

Gladiator ® will soon be in the heart of New York City.

Whirlpool Corporation Survey Shows Consumers Clamor for Energy Efficiency. Chillerator ® Garage Refrigerator Part of Whirlpool’s Portfolio of Energy-Efficient Appliances

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.23.2009

A recent survey by Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE:WHR) revealed that 84 percent of consumers said that energy -- not water or time -- is most important to them when it comes to home appliance efficiency.

January 2009

Gladiator ® Showcases The Value Of An Organized Garage At 2009 International Builders’ Show

Las Vegas, NV | 01.20.2009

While value is relative, the value of an organized garage is certain. At this year’s International Builders Show (IBS), Gladiator ® will show consumers how to maximize garage value with innovative, versatile organizational products.

December 2008

Gladiator ® Claw™ Advanced Bike Storage Device Brings Organization To New Heights

Benton Harbor, MI | 12.22.2008

Gladiator Claw™ Advanced Bike Storage device, a first-of-its-kind, easy-to-use wall or ceiling-mounted bike storage solution is now available.

September 2008

An Orderly Garage Can Increase the Value of the Home

Benton Harbor, MI | 09.25.2008

Gladiator ® recently demonstrated that an orderly garage can increase the value of the home.

August 2008

Gladiator ® Featured in Cooking Light

Benton Harbor, MI | 08.25.2008

Every year, Cooking Light, the country’s top food and lifestyle magazine, embarks on a mission to build a home that serves as a role model for healthy living.

July 2008

Gladiator ® Launches Energy Star ® Qualified Chillerator ® Garage Refrigerator

Benton Harbor, MI | 07.22.2008

Ten million “second” refrigerators are costing consumers over one billion dollars in energy costs annually.

June 2008

Gladiator ® and Karl Champley Team Up To Uncover Untapped Garage Potential

Benton Harbor, MI | 06.02.2008

A recent consumer survey revealed that 62 percent of homeowners identified the garage as their number one organizational headache.

May 2008

Gladiator ® Gets Motors Runnin’ at Edelbrock’s “Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz” Charity Event on April 29th

Benton Harbor, MI | 05.08.2008

On April 29th, Edelbrock, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of performance replacement parts for automobiles and motorcycles, sponsored the “Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz” charity event to benefit the Center for Learning Unlimited.

April 2008

Third Annual National Garage Organization Month Celebrates Transformation of the American Garage

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.07.2008

In the spirit of National Garage Organization Month™, and the first full month of spring, Gladiator ® wants to help consumers tackle the final frontier of home organization — the garage.

February 2008

Gladiator ® Expands Organization Line with Revolutionary Product As Seen on American Inventor and New Eight Foot Cabinet

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.13.2008

As America’s garages continue to increase in size so do the storage solutions and variety of products produced by Gladiator ®.

Gladiator ® Introduces Smart Solutions for the Garage at 2008 International Builder’s Show

Orlando, FL | 02.13.2008

Whether a hobbyist, a weekend warrior, a sportsman or just someone looking for some more organization help, Gladiator ® has new Smart Solutions for the garage in 2008.

January 2008

Gladiator ® Introduces New Products to Spice up and Customize Your Garage

Benton Harbor, MI | 01.02.2008

The American garage — ever the dumping ground for all things in the home without a home — doesn’t have to be this way.

November 2007

Georgia Resident Crowned as Most Chaotic & Cramped Garage Owner in America

Benton Harbor, MI | 11.08.2007

Few delight in broadcasting they have the most chaotic and cramped garage, but when it comes with a $10,000 garage makeover it is a different story.

Gladiator Unveils Ultimate Garage Organization Website

Benton Harbor, MI | 11.01.2007

The garage organization leader, Gladiator ®, unveiled the next generation of garage organization with the launch of

October 2007 launches as the Internet Gift Haven for men

Benton Harbor, MI | 10.30.2007

“Guy’s guys” who were previously left out in the cold when it came to gift registries and giving, now have a home on the Internet —

April 2007

Gladiator ® Gladiator ® and Extreme Makeover Home Edition Come to Murphreesboro

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.29.2007

Kim and Dennis Collins from Murphreesboro, Arkansas believes very strongly that family comes first.

February 2007

Three Drawer Cabinet Added to the Ready-to-Assemble Line

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.07.2007

Gladiator ® today unveiled a new Three Drawer Cabinet to its popular ready to assemble garage organization line, answering consumer demand for additional new and innovative entry level garage storage solutions.

Gladiator ® Adds New Spin To The Garage With Next Generation Of Concept Garage Products

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.07.2007

Today, Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization unveiled two new concepts at the International Builder Show.

Refrigerator Size Cabinet Added to Premier Line

Benton Harbor, MI | 02.07.2007

Today Gladiator ®, the leader in garage organization, unveiled a six-foot tall Jumbo Cabinet, roughly the size of a refrigerator, at the 2007 International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida.

April 2006

One Day Wonder: Gladiator ® and Lowe’s make garage organization easier, faster, more affordable.

Benton Harbor, MI | 04.21.2006

Gladiator ® and Lowe’s don’t think homeowners should have to park their cars in the driveway because their garages are filled with clutter.