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    Garage organization doesn’t have to be difficult — just take it one step at a time.

    Zone 1

    Lawn and Garden


    Yard tools tend to be susceptible to seasonality and weather changes. The key: your lawn gear and gardening tools should always be available when you need them, but unobtrusively stored when you don’t.

    Lawn and Garden
    Gladiator Tips

    Tip 1: Take “inventory.”

    Lay out all your yard equipment so you can assess the range and volume of items you have. Group the tools together based on size and seasonality; discard items that are broken and donate what you no longer need.

    Tip 2: Vertical Storage is Key.

    Because yard tools tend to be slim and tall (such as rakes and shovels), we recommend choosing a dedicated wall for vertical storage. This allows you to save space while making items easy to grab and go. For tall yard tools we recommend the Lawn Care GearTrack® Pack or our standard GearTrack® Pack. For smaller gardening tools that require convenient access, try the Gardening GearTrack® Pack.

    Tip 3: Start with items you need now.

    Make a plan to store in-season tools closer to the garage door, with out-of-season tools further back. It makes for easy accessibility when work needs to be done. For example: your pruning shears may be useful in the late Summer but not needed in the Spring.

    Store in-season tools near the garage door for easy access.

    Zone 2

    Home Improvement


    Regardless of your skill level, home improvement jobs necessitate space to do the work and space to store your equipment. Here are some tips to get you organized in your projects.

    Home Improvement
    Gladiator Tips

    TIP 1: Define your workspace.

    Create your work area in a location that is not heavily trafficked, with consideration for electrical outlets and existing plumbing lines. Measure your space and choose products based on the typical projects you might try to tackle. For heavy duty projects, consider an 8' Adjustable Height Hardwood Workbench and Premier Tall GearBox. If moving around is key, a Modular GearDrawer and 3' Mobile Workstation may be the right solution.

    TIP 2: Protect tools and equipment.

    Cabinets are a no-brainer for safely storing your most prized tools and maintaining an organized workspace. Opting for something like the RTA Mobile Storage Cabinet not only makes it possible to rearrange your garage when necessary, it also allows you to safely lock your tools inside. For storing heavy duty supplies like fertilizer or lumber, consider heavy duty shelving, like the 90" x 90" Heavy Duty Mega Rack.

    TIP 3: Choose multi-purpose products.

    Working with a small area and need a work surface, plus storage? The RTA Foldaway Workstation is a great versatile option for functional space when you need it and storage when you don’t. Another option: the 2-Drawer Utility Cart is a work surface that moves with you around the garage, with the added benefits of drawers and a lower tray to carry the items you need.

    Cabinets create streamlined organization, inside and out.

    Zone 3

    Rarely-Used Items


    Whether seasonal decorations or big, bulky gear, your infrequently used items don’t have to take up valuable floor space in the garage. Here are some quick ways to make the most of the space you have.

    Rarely-Used Items
    Gladiator Tips

    TIP 1: Make room...above your car.

    Make the most of your off-the-floor garage storage to maximize an area not previously utilized. With various sizes of Gladiator® Overhead GearLoft™ Storage Racks, you can place bulky, heavy items out of the way without sacrificing valuable space to park your car or store frequently used items.

    TIP 2: Use your garage perimeter.

    For versatile storage, consider utilizing the upper perimeter of your garage. This kind of space-saving organization is easy to achieve with GearLoft™ Shelves and GearWall® Panels. As your storage requirements change, simply adjust the shelves along the panel and adapt the space to fit your needs.

    Perimeter shelving creates new, versatile storage opportunities.

    Zone 4

    Sports and Recreation


    Don’t be intimidated by the mess of sports and rec equipment – with an active organization system, there’s a place for everything.

    Sports and Recreation
    Gladiator Tips

    TIP 1: Out-of-season, out of the way.

    Divvy up your sports and recreation equipment based on what you need for particular periods of the year. Store out-of-season gear like camping gear in Zone 3 (via your Overhead GearLoft™ Storage or GearLoft™ Shelf), or use a heavy-duty shelving rack to make room for large items that you don’t need now.

    TIP 2: Create “active” walls.

    To organize items for activities your family does frequently, like walking the dog, install a GearWall® Panel and GearTrack® Channels. Then choose the right hook, basket or bin to hang your most-used gear.

    TIP 3: Put kid-friendly items within reach.

    Organize children’s items like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes or roller skates in baskets and bins nearer to the ground, allowing for quick access to their favorite toys.

    TIP 4: Keep outdoor apparel in the garage.

    Create a transition space in the garage for coats, boots and more. Consider the RTA Storage Shoe Bench for a stylish way to stow shoes and an Entryway GearTrack® Pack to keep jackets and umbrellas organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. For out-of-season gear, consider the RTA All-Season GearCloset – it features a hanging rod inside so that you can keep heavy winter coats and sports apparel stowed inside, ready for the next season.


    Hydration is key for any recreational activity. Have cool water bottles, sports drinks and other beverages ready to grab and go with the Gladiator® Beverage Cooler.

    Make space for all your hobbies with wall organization.

    For your particular hobby, see our recommendations:

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