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Garage Sales are a national pastime with more than sixty million people shopping at them annually.* This year, National Garage Sale Day, on August 13, 2011, offers savvy bargain-hunters and neighborhoods nationwide an opportunity to capitalize on these impressive numbers. Gladiator® GarageWorks knows that a successful garage sale can mean money in homeowners' wallets and an opportunity for a newly de-cluttered life.

“It’s difficult for a lot of us to get rid of items like sports equipment and old furniture that have gone untouched for years,” said Tim Keaton, senior marketing manager, Gladiator® GarageWorks. “The added monetary gain from hosting a garage sale is a great motivator to start getting organized. Plus, money earned in a sale can be reinvested in the right garage organizational system to help stay clutter-free.”

Gladiator® GarageWorks, the leader in garage organization, offers the following tips for hosting a successful garage sale:


  • Consult the whole family when considering which items to display for sale. The goal is de-cluttering, not heartbreak over accidentally sold items of sentimental value.
  • Be sure to price items as objectively as possible. It might be worth a fortune to you, but that old baseball mitt is probably worth a little less to a visitor. Remember: the more items sold, the greater flexibility you’ll have in your newly organized garage.
  • If you need inspiration to help visualize what your newly de-cluttered garage could look like, try Gladiator brand’s Blueprint Estimator. You’ll have necessary items on the walls, and more open floor space in no time.


“With Americans wasting millions of hours a day looking for misplaced items, National Garage Sale Day is the perfect opportunity to clear out the clutter and use the extra cash to organize the stuff you keep,” added Keaton.

This year Gladiator® GarageWorks is providing a little extra encouragement to get organized for National Garage Sale Day this year. From August 12 - 31, consumers can enter to win a Gladiator® Accessory Starter Kit 1 and a Gladiator® Ball Caddy by visiting the sweepstakes tab on or via Twitter @GladiatorGW.

Or, for those who are eager to get started right away, entering the promotional code “TAGGED” at will result in a 30% discount on the Gladiator® Ready-To-Assemble Mobile Storage GearBox Cabinet and the Gladiator® Organization Mega Kit from August 13 - 31.

For more information about Gladiator® GarageWorks, visit

About Gladiator® GarageWorks

Gladiator® GarageWorks is the leader in garage organization delivering innovative solutions that allow garage owners to organize their space in a way that suits their individual storage needs. It is the only garage organization system to offer coordinated appliances designed for the harsh garage environment.

Gladiator® GarageWorks offers a Premier pre-assembled line and Ready-to-Assemble line for do-it-yourselfers. Products are available through local garage dealers, retailers including Sears and Lowe’s or via

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