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The cluttered garage or laundry room might not just be unsightly, it likely will affect the home's value, according to a recent survey from Gladiator Brand GarageWorks. A January 2014 survey of 500 real estate brokers or agents found that four out of five believe that an unorganized garage negatively impacts a potential home buyer's first impression. Nearly all real estate brokers or agents surveyed said that first impression impacts whether a potential buyer ultimately purchases a home.

Nine out of ten real estate brokers or agents say that home shoppers view garages as more than just a place to park a car, acknowledging that household storage and entertaining space are two other functions for the garage. In fact, garages rank higher as a storage option above the attic and the basement, according to the survey.

"Today's garage storage systems can make the garage more of an extension of the home, with customizable storage options that demonstrate everything organized in stylish ways," said Rebecca Ross, Brand Manager at Gladiator Brand. "More and more homeowners are interested in upgrading their garage space to serve as a more functional area."

More than three quarters of those surveyed said that a garage should be as well organized as any other room in the house. Laundry areas are another segment of the home that is a frequent victim of disarray.

"Many homeowners don't realize that there are affordable, customizable storage solutions for the laundry area," said Ross. "For example, the Everest White collection provides the strength and versatility for garage storage, but provides a softer design aesthetic for inside the home."

Nearly a third of surveyed real estate brokers or agents believe that a well-designed storage system in the laundry room can increase a home's value.

A Look Inside the Garage Values Survey:

The following results are from a telephone survey conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Gladiator of 500 real estate brokers or agents. The survey was fielded from January 20-23, 2014 with a margin of error of +/-4.4%.

First Impressions are Important When Buying a Home; Unorganized Garages can Negatively Impact that Impression

  • Real estate brokers or agents understand the importance of a first impression – nearly all (98%) say that a first impression has an impact on whether a potential buyer will ultimately purchase a home.

  • Four-in-five (82%) say that a cluttered, unorganized garage can have a negative impact on a potential home buyer’s first impression.

Realtors View Garages as More than Just Parking Spaces, and Urge Sellers to Approach them as Such

  • The majority of real estate brokers or agents say that shoppers view garages as more than just a place to park a car (89%) and agree that home-sellers should make an effort to have a well-organized and attractive garage (89%).

    • More than three-quarters (79%) agree that a garage should be as well organized as any other room in the house.

    • Most (74%) agree that an organized garage is important to selling a home.

  • Most (88%) agree that a well-organized garage shows pride in a home.

While Car-Storage is a Garage’s Core Use, to Maximize Home Value they Should have Multiple Uses In Part Because Storage is so Desirable.

  • Two-thirds of real estate brokers or agents (66%) say home-owners should showcase a garage as more than just a place to store cars.

  • They overwhelming cite closet space (97%) and garages (96%) as desirable storage places for home shoppers over attic and basement storage space

About Gladiator® GarageWorks

Gladiator is the leader in garage and household organization and storage systems, delivering innovative solutions that allow homeowners to reclaim space in ways that suit their needs, lifestyles and design aesthetic. Gladiator offers pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble lines of modular workbenches, cabinets, wall systems, shelving, tool storage, appliances and flooring. Gladiator® brand products are sold through local garage dealers, retailers like Sears and Lowe's, and at

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