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    Let’s get started

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    Pick your day

    Nothing’s worse than working in bad weather. Schedule your garage organization for a day with a positive forecast.

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    Dress for success

    Protect yourself from sharp and rusty objects with proper clothing: shoes (not sandals), long sleeves and pants (not shorts). Dress comfortably so you’ll have freedom of movement to lift and reach.

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    Give yourself time

    The amount of stuff you have, the number of helpers and your decision-making ability are big factors in determining how much time this garage organization project will take. Always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.

    Keep the energy level high

    Organizing the garage doesn’t have to be a chore. Play music, get the family involved and enjoy the process.

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    Empty it out

    The only way to really know what lurks in your garage is to remove 100% of all the items inside. Yes, everything. This forces you to make a storage decision on every item.

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    Keep or toss

    As you clean, sort everything into piles to keep, donate or sell, and toss. Be realistic about what you really use and don’t forget to look inside each box.


    items you’ll move back into the garage and store.

    Donate or sell

    items that can be donated to friends, via online donation sites or to community charities, or sold at a garage sale or via an online resource.


    items you simply don’t use or have been saving for years to fix but never have the time

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    Measure Your Space

    It’s important to get your exact dimensions including:

    • Front, back and side walls
    • Size and location of windows and doors, including doorstep
    • Location of stairs, outlets and switches
    • Floorspace and space occupied by your car(s)
    • Clearance for the garage door

    Our Gladiator® Design Studio online tool can help.

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    Identify your needs

    Consider what you use your garage for and optimize the space for all you keep there. Think about logical places to store your gear. Group similar items together (automotive, gardening, sports, etc.), while putting frequently used items in the most accessible place.

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    What’s your style?

    Let it all hang out

    Do you like to keep your items out, off the floor and accessible via hooks and shelves?

    Basket case

    Do you prefer your stuff to be visible, buy safely secured in flexible, easily adjustable baskets and bins?

    Outta sight

    Or would you rather hide items behind cabinets and gearboxes for a sleeker look?

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    Plan your way

    Getting stuff done is always easiest when you have the perfect garage organization ideas in front of you. There’s no one-way of planning, so feel free to use all three of these:


    Use the Gladiator® Design Studio to enter your garage’s dimensions and configure Gladiator® products right on your PC or tablet.

    Design Studio»


    Get out some graph paper and rough out your ideal garage. This will save you moving time later.

    Ask the experts

    Want more help? Get personal advice and professional support from Gladiator brand authorized installers.

    Find a pro»

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    Choose the right storage system for your stuff



    Hooks are ideal when floor space is at a premium.


    Baskets allow you to quickly locate and grab smaller items. Plus, they’re easily moved.


    Gladiator® Rack Shelving can hold tons of your gear. Literally.


    Perfect for smaller hand tools or frequently-used items.


    Gladiator® GearBoxes provide safe, secure storage for items not used every day.

    Tool Storage

    Mobility and accessibility are the keys to smart tool storage.

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    Create a wall organization system

    Using your walls for storage is a smart way to get gear up off the floor and maximize space. It also provides you with flexible storage options that transform your garage into a space you can actually use.

    GearTrack® Channels

    A simple solution to quickly organizing your garage without making a full-wall commitment

    GearWall® Panels

    Full coverage garage wall organization system that offers complete storage flexibility for often-rearranged items

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    Protect your garage floor

    A covered garage floor is easier to install than you might think and adds style and protection, too.

    Durability—Gladiator® Floor Tiles protect the garage floor from the daily hazards of this high-traffic environment including dropped tools, cold weather conditions and spills that set in and stain

    Style—It’s easy to create personalized floor design with a variety of available colors of garage floor tile

    Customizable—Go wall to wall or tile only those places where you really need the protection


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    Floor or wall…or both?

    Gladiator® Wall GearBoxes hang on Gladiator brand wall systems to free up floor space and protect items against potential flooding. Gladiator® Modular, Tall and Jumbo GearBoxes rest on the floor via casters or adjustable leveler legs.

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    Choose the right size

    Storage cabinets are the right choice when you want to clear items from the floor and keep them safely hidden behind closed doors. Based on your garage space and storage needs, you can select Gladiator® GearBoxes in small, medium and large sizes. Our Jumbo GearBox, in fact, is six feet tall and holds loads of 300 lbs.

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    Safety and mobility

    Most Gladiator® GearBoxes feature universal lock systems to ensure safety and security. Solid rubber casters give you more options and mobility around the garage.

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    Working with your work surfaces

    Both bamboo and maple tops make excellent surfaces for your project needs. Gladiator® workbenches support up to 1,000 lbs to handle virtually any project you’re planning.

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    Selecting the best location

    When choosing a spot for your work surface, be sure to consider good lighting, plenty of room to work, and access to electrical outlets for your various tools and chargers. Here are a few suggestions on choosing the best location:

    • In small garage, side placement usually works best.
    • In the average two-car garage, the back wall is the ideal place for your work surface.
    • Three-car garages often afford L-shaped work surface configurations for highly functional project areas.
    • Large garages often provide enough room for any number of possible placements for work surfaces. A long row of back wall workbenches is typically the simplest option.
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    Keep it tidy

    Here are a few tips for keeping your surface clean and highly functional.

    Keep a trash can nearby

    A garbage can or compactor will help keep debris from cluttering your work area.

    Hang tools close to your bench

    It’s always easier to put a tool in its proper place when that place is nearby.

    Hang plenty of bins

    Keeping screws, nails and other small items stored away in bins is a simple way to maintain a tidy surface.

    Dock a modular GearBox

    A Gladiator® Modular GearBox under your workbench provides quick access to frequently used items.

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    Move in!

    Well, you’ve eliminated unwanted clutter, planned an efficient layout and installed the most efficient garage storage system to meet your unique needs. All that’s left is to bring back and store your “keep” items, and put to good use all the space you’ve managed to reclaim. Enjoy!

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