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    GearTrack® Channel End Cap (4-Pack)


    Model # GAACGE4PPM

    MSRP: $6.99

    • 1.25" wide x 6.25" high x 0.75" deep
    • 10-year limited warranty
    • 1.25" wide x 6.25" high x 0.75" deep
    • 10-year limited warranty


    Charcoal  -  GAACGE4PPM

    Gladiator® End Caps are the finishing touch to your Gladiator® Wall System. These convenient caps easily snap on to Gladiator® GearTrack® Channels; no tools are required. One pack of four end caps will cover two GearTrack® Channels.

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    Snaps in place

    These end caps easily snap into place without the use of tools.

    One pack covers all

    One 4-pack of Gladiator® End Caps covers two Gladiator® GearTrack® channels.

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    What gives Gladiator® products the edge?

    While other manufacturers make claims about weight capacity, strength or durability, Gladiator brand proves it with some of the industry’s most rigorous testing regiments to ensure unsurpassed performance in any environment. If you’re serious about product quality, Gladiator brand is the right choice for you. Tests include:

    • Powder coat test
    • Extreme temperature test
    • Strength test
    • Environmental test


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    GearTrack® Channel End Cap (4-Pack)

    GearTrack® Channel End Cap (4-Pack)

    Model #: GAACGE4PPM

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