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    Gladiator® Premier Series GearChest

    Tool Chest Top

    Model # GATC26P8WG

    MSRP: $399.99


    Silver Tread
    Silver Tread  -  GATC26P8WG

    The Gladiator® GearChest is an excellent upgrade from your current tool storage system. Instead of fumbling to find small items, it makes socket sets and screws easy to find. Larger hand tools like hammers and mallets are always within easy reach in the deep drawers. The GearChest is also extremely versatile and can be used as either a single unit or stacked on a Premier Modular GearDrawer, giving you the power to decide the best way to organize your tools.

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    Eight Drawers for Flexible Storage Needs

    Perfect for a variety of different sized tools such as socket sets, screwdrivers and larger hand tools like hammers and mallets.

    Easy access, total capacity

    All drawers are fully extendable making the tool chest easy to load and unload. Ball-bearing slides eliminate door jams.

    Modular design for storage versatility

    For maximum mobile tool storage, the GearChest can be paired with the Premier Series Modular GearDrawer. It can also sit on a workbench or other work surface for stationary tool storage. Equipped with handy side handles, moving the GearChest to multiple locations is simple and worry-free.

    Built for storage, engineered to last

    Welded steel double-side wall construction allows for exceptional structure and ideal support for storage needs.

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    What gives Gladiator® products the edge?

    While other manufacturers make claims about weight capacity, strength or durability, Gladiator brand proves it with some of the industry’s most rigorous testing regiments to ensure unsurpassed performance in any environment. If you’re serious about product quality, Gladiator brand is the right choice for you. Tests include:

    • Powder coat test
    • Extreme temperature test
    • Strength test
    • Environmental test


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    Gladiator® Premier Series GearChest

    Gladiator® Premier Series GearChest

    Model #: GATC26P8WG

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