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    Small Item Bins (6-pack)


    Model # GAWESB6PSM

    MSRP: $11.99

    • 4.5" wide x 4" high x 7" deep
    • Holds up to 10 lbs.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on products ensures easy replacement of materials


    Charcoal  -  GAWESB6PSM

    The Small Item Storage Bins are designed to organize small items like nuts and bolts and can hang securely on both GearWall® Panels and GearTrack® Channels. The locking tabs allow the bins to be stackable on a Modular Workbench or inside of a Gladiator® GearBox. The large opening on the front provides easy access so you can easilyreach smaller items. These stackable storage bins also come with 10 stick-on labels for quick identification and easy organization.

    Product Literature

    Easily relocate without tools

    Can be easily hung and repositioned on any Gladiator® Wall System when storage needs change. No tools are necessary to reposition.

    Open front for easy access

    The large opening in front of the bins allows easy access to nuts, bolts and other smaller items stored inside whether they’re stacked or hanging individually.

    Stick-on labels for fast identification

    These bins come with adhesive labels to give your items easy organization.

    Securely attaches to Gladiator® Wall Systems

    Uses a friction lock tab for secure attachment by engaging the upper groove of Gladiator® Wall Systems for safe and sturdy installation.

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    Accessories for the Small Item Bins (6-pack)

    GearTrack® Channels 4' (2 Pack)
    GearTrack® Channels 4' (2 Pack)


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    While other manufacturers make claims about weight capacity, strength or durability, Gladiator brand proves it with some of the industry’s most rigorous testing regiments to ensure unsurpassed performance in any environment. If you’re serious about product quality, Gladiator brand is the right choice for you. Tests include:

    • Powder coat test
    • Extreme temperature test
    • Strength test
    • Environmental test


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    Small Item Bins (6-pack)

    Small Item Bins (6-pack)

    Model #: GAWESB6PSM

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